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I began to be interested in music when I was 19 in 1987 when my parents bought a tape recorder. I started collecting tapes and began to understand which group is singing the songs I liked ("ABBA", "Maywood", "Baccara" and others). At that time, there were "recording studios", where could write a copy of any LP on the cassette. Some of my friends already had collections of vinyl and tape records, and we did each other copies. And there was a program on the radio Mayak saturday evenings, where transmitted the records of various bands and performers in order to collectors could write them on tapes. At 80s "Neoton Família" was very popular in USSR. My girlfriend's aunt brought two plates from Hungary: "Neoton Disco" (1978) and "Pepita Favorits" (1979). The second LP had two songs ("Ki szól?" and "Szia!") that I really liked. I decided to collect all the records of the "Neoton Família" and soon recorded three albums on tapes ("Marathon", "Karnevál", "Minek ez a circusz?"). Then I did not suppose the band had more than forty albums and compilations.

I had an Internet in 2000 and continued to collect information about the band. First of all, I wanted to make an accurate discography of "Neoton Família", but the information given on various western sites was extremely contradictory and confusing. To my surprise, the site dedicated to "Neoton Família" was not on the net, there was only the Japanese portal www6.plala.or.jp dedicated to European disco music and a small amateur page in German www.ostmusik.de, where they mentioned several Hungarian bands of the 70's. I was forced to start a painstaking work to collect information about the members of the band and their releases. In parallel I collected their records already on CD or in MP3 format. My friend-music lover Kirill Babanin, who I managed to interest in "Neoton Família", rendered a great help in this. Some albums we could to buy in Moscow, others we were sent by mail or brought from Arkhangelsk, from Ukraine, as well as Germany, Hungary and even Sweden. Finally, all the information was collected, and in 2004 Kirill and I posted on the Internet the first Russian-language site about "Neoton Família" with a biography of their work and a complete discography. We did this for two years ahead of the first Hungarian site www.neotonfamilia.com, authored by Hajós Kristóf, and for three years - the personal site of Csepregi Éva www.csepregieva.com. Csepregi Éva, after seeing our site, in 2005, personally thanked us in English, noting that the site was "very nice" and invited to come to Hungary to their concert.

As soon as it appeared on the Internet, the information from our site was copied to countless music portals, projects and torrents. Sometimes they referred to us, but in most cases our source was forgotten to mention. But the main thing is that our article about "Neoton Família" stirred up the music Internet community and gave birth to a new wave of interest to this talented Hungarian team. Thanks to our information, music portals offering "Neoton Família" recordings were able to finally understand their confusing discography and put things in order in their online stores. Former fans rediscovered this amazing group, and modern youth also appreciated their creativity. In the social network "VKontakte" under the guidance of our good friend and music lover Roman Dmitriev, a community was created where fans of "Neoton Família" could exchange their impressions, rare photos and records.

Yours sincerely - Mikhail Badanin (Dani)
E-mail: daniboy@inbox.ru